• The @chicagobulls player that started texting about skipping practice on the new coach should be ashamed to be an a… https://t.co/0SfsPPp5KQ

    Norman Sands about 4 days ago
  • RT @VincentFrankNFL: Bears would beat both teams. https://t.co/ppgcdCMBvl

    Norman Sands about 24 days ago
  • I think Trubisky is just in the first year of the offense. Last week was Detroit that he was Offense player of the… https://t.co/LovmhqDryv

    Norman Sands about 24 days ago
  • #BullsOutsiders I think @ZachLaVine has been tired since the 4 OT game plus playing 4 OT with out rest is that good for his knee

    Norman Sands about 29 days ago
  • @Ticketmaster Cannot sign into my account have a concert tonight and I am not receiving a link for forgetting my password

    Norman Sands about 44 days ago